Four Flies – L’Intrigo (C40, Hair On My Food Tapes & Records)


Four Flies is a longer-running harsh noise wall project from Richard Ramirez and collaborators; on L’Intrigo, it happens to be Robert Newsome. Generally speaking, this cassette is rather unchanging, offering two tracks of thick walls that serve up meaty helpings of fuzz and bass, though neither are very challenging to the ears. The cassette culls its name from an Italian mystery from 1964 also known as Dark Purpose.

The first side is “Profumo”, a twenty-minute jaunt through fairly rigid static tones that meld quite cleanly with the bass in the background. A steady, fast bass tone judders throughout, but there’s just a faint tinge of clacking and sizzle behind it all, and there are moments where the track takes on a wavering, warbled consistency which I think has to do with the steady fizzing of static. All told it’s a successful moment where Four Flies play with a standard wall and add textures that enhance and build on the sound.

The second track, “L’Intrigo,” is another heavy wall with thick slabs of bass, a more pronounced static overtone with lots of fuzz, and more wavering warbles within the wall. It feels similar to the previous side except things are thicker and the warbled tones seem to continue constantly throughout the track at a faster pace. The middle of the wall seems to progressively take over with overwhelming bass, although the warbling and slight static textures do continue on later in the track. It all happens nonchalantly, and it’s hard to tell if the track really is cutting out these moments or if it’s the listener who has been sidetracked within the sound.

A rewarding listen with both tracks, Four Flies’ L’Intrigo offers some raging HNW with characteristically minimal moments. A careful listen will grant secret shifts within the walls, or it might just be the imagination. Either way, the warbling textures work quite well here.

Available from Hair On My Food Tapes


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