RU-486 – Isolation Kennel (Biz CD-R, Serious Business)

RU-486 is the harsh noise project of Thomas Mortigan, and even on this short 5-minute biz CD-R he brings aural pain to the listener. There’s one track on this release, the eponymous “Isolation Kennel,” a relatively busy sonic assault for such a short time span.

The track starts out with a digital noodling sample underneath the track, a “bleep-bloop” noise that continues underneath for much of it to give the track some form while a bass crumble guides the noise forward. Towards the middle portion of “Isolation Kennel,” RU-486 begins to go crazy with blown out feedback alternating between formless but nearly tonal riffs. From here to the end, though, there’s a steady feast of random blasts of noise interplayed with a bass static background. Sometimes these bursts of sound tend to have a blown-out and unconnected feeling, like some of the looping patterns, but for the most part RU-486 holds things together rather well.

Isolation Kennel is a solid experiment from Mortigan’s project, a demanding listen that engages for the short running time. It won’t take up much of your time, and for fans of charging harsh noise, this will be a pleasurably tortuous listen.

Available from Serious Business


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