Discipline Jar – Moth (MP3, Galactic Intolerance Records)


Discipline Jar is a harsh noise project from the mid-west. The digital album Moth is one of the only full-length albums that I can find by the artist, released by Galactic Intolerance Records. According to Discipline Jar, the tracks were inspired by a collection of poems titled Company of Moths; although I’ve never read any of these poems, I’d say it’s a safe bet that no actual references come through on this release, because this is a 45-minute album of thick and non-stop noise.

The album is broken into eight tracks; some are relatively short, like the simple “Stairs,” while others can stretch into the seven minute mark. Many of these tracks are heavy onslaughts; “Road” and “Book” come to mind as two that wear on and on with massive amounts of fuzz, stuttered sounds, and shifting electronics. The latter track even features opening and closing moments of looping drum and guitar rhythm, a quiet moment before the sound opens up.

Moth features a lot of different sounds, but if there is one complaint to be had it is that the tracks all sound pretty uniform. There’s little added texture or layering; there are different noises and bursts at different times, but in terms of sonic layers the release feels a bit thin. It does sound as though Discipline Jar may be working with a limited set-up, and knowing from experience, it’s often difficult to find a wide range of sounds at the same time. The finale, “The Moth,” suffers from this – it starts with a nice static cadence, then devolves into a repetitive slog of fuzzy beats for a few minutes. Added texture and density would have helped.

Ultimately Moth is a good release for those who like to assault their ears. Discipline Jar brings the raging noise, and the fuzz and crunch often leave the ears ringing. But in terms of technicality and texturing, Moth is somewhat lacking. Still, it’s a good album for an old-fashioned beat-down.


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