Lovebrrd/Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge – Split (C20, Lava Church Records)

lovebrrd su sous

Lovebrrd and Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge both offer one track per side on this split of unconventional electronics. Lovebrrd we’ve covered before; lots of synths, samples, and drones are the items that project utilizes. Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge is one-half of The Uh… and his partner, and on this set they deliver a weird mixture of funky beats, harsh noise walls, and other interconnected samples.

The first side is Lovebrrd with “Coasting,” which starts out with a number of different recordings from answering machines and a macabre synth. None of the samples seem disturbing or upsetting – one simply states, “Give me a call back, I’d just like to know where to send your check” – so it’s difficult to tell what is meant by using these messages, but once they stop Lovebrrd hits with a huge wave of harsh noise. It seems to be led by a scream, but static crackles and the hammer of enhanced organs take over, with small breaks opening up for some drone. It’s an interesting and cacophonous entry for this split.

On side B is Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge with “Margo Darling at the Treasure Island Funk Center.” The title, I would venture to guess, is a play on Treasure Island Fun Center in Florida, and it kind of helps to put the track in context. It starts with a vocal sample and a short harsh noise wall, a large beautiful slab of static, then switches to a recording of a water fountain. That’s kind of the sound that the Treasure Island Fun Center has on its website, although I might be trying to find connections where there aren’t any. After the water sample, a looping, bass-heavy ditty plays, one you might hear at old movies where the screen states, “Your movie will be playing shortly!” The middle portion of “Margo Darling” is a reverb-heavy slice of electronics – it almost sounds like a recording of someone yelling, echoing heavily. The track ends with another rhythmic song, this time quite catchy with its guitars. I fail to see the seams that hold all of these different movements together, but they’re still fun to listen to as pieces.

It’s an effective split all around; Lovebrrd offers up quite a harsh ten minutes while Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge plays with what they can do with longer-form tracks by breaking theirs up into movements. If you like weird, instrument-heavy noise, this split on Lava Church is for you.


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