Deeper Wells – Untitled (C20, Maniacal Hatred)

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Deeper Wells is a power electronics with a few releases under its belt. Untitled, a C20 on Maniacal Hatred, has all of the seething rage of an aggressive noise track, with yelled vocals that lie underneath the noise because of their muffled nature, as though delivered through a loudspeaker covered in dust.

This tape offers up two untitled tracks, side-long. Side A features a repetitive track of surging and rhythmic high-pitched feedback, occasionally changing pitch. Behind it is an almost ambient loop that continues throughout the track, a light rushing sound that carries the track forward. The feedback is the most important piece of this track, as it is the one thing that differentiates the sound. The dark loop provides a stable structure for Deeper Wells to work with while single textures shift randomly, the vocals spiraling inside the sound.

The second side has a track full of shimmering static, which makes up the background of the track. There’s a rhythm going on in this “Untitled” output – muffled tones of noise churning transform into a feedback-laced forest full where Deeper Wells puts his vocal delivery. There’s a couple of heavy chords thrown in as well, and much like the other side, this one’s repetitive without feeling like it lacks depth.

The only thing that seems to be problematic about Untitled is that there never seems to be a climax in either of these tracks; side B does swell, but the swirling textures seem to stew rather than explode. These tracks are still good, but Side A could have advanced towards a clash of sounds rather than just straight repetition.

But overall Deeper Wells offers up two grimy tracks of power electronics that explore interesting textures. Straight feedback is emphasized over direct vocal delivery, but the textures that hold the tracks together are forceful and creative.


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