Illusions – Twisted Sounds (CD-R, Parkbench Records)

illusions twisted sounds

Illusions is an unknown noise act, and that’s because the two artists involved were 15 when Twisted Sounds was created. In this day of digital submission and experimentation with electronics, it’s fairly easy to get your recordings heard, and one of the members sent Twisted Sounds to me less as an official review and more as a means of understanding what people look for in the genre. While I can’t speak for anyone else, I did offer to write up a few notes on the release itself; it’s a branching-off point for the project, one that I’m happy to help with.

I was surprised at how short the whole thing was. I was expecting longer tracks, but the short bursts work okay here. The tracks as a whole sound rather similar, sort of like reverbed drill bits whirring around. The second one is probably the best overall, because there’s a sense of movement within the wall texture – wavering rhythms that give shape to the piece. The others tend to simply offer up a noise without much context. The brevity of the tracks is one of the main shortcomings of the release; the shortness doesn’t really allow the listener to get a feel for Illusions’ brand of noise, nor is there a lot to contemplate.

This release is probably best suited for a mini-CD-R, or even more so, a Biz-CD-R. With that said, there’s certainly lots of room for improvement and experimentation with subsequent Illusions releases. Hopefully, more care will be taken to explore new sounds and avenues for making that noise.


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