Citizen 2-13 – A Violent Means Til the End (C12, FTAM)

violent means

Citizen 2-13 is Matthew Michuda, and A Violent Means Til the End is the latest release in his small catalog. It was actually sent to me on the Maniacs Only forum for review; a couple of other people got copies that they requested as well, because he was looking to get some reviews up (good or bad) about the project. This short tape put out by FTAM is a mostly harsh noise, but Citizen 2-13 has no need to worry about people saying good things about his work – this cassette is quality all around, from the packaging to the noise.

The first track, as far as I know untitled, features a loop of a girl screaming a loud pounding. Citizen 2-13 begins the loop just before the sample ends, and after a while we’re surrounded by the screech of this girl and heavy bass blasts. The track begins to distort, echoing the sounds and then moving away from the source with droning feedback. For a while, it retains at least the form of that opening mantra, but towards the end of the track, Citizen 2-13 transforms it into a churning drone that wails until the finish.

The second track starts with fuzzy static, although it’s not dense – it’s an open sound, with mid-range feedback vibrating underneath it all. There’s a good use of bass and crunch that punctuates but never envelopes the track; it gives this second untitled thrasher a percussive element, sometimes near harsh noise wall status, but relatively fluid in its movement. The last minutes give us a wall with juddering bass, and then finally it cuts out for just a pattering of footstep-like clicks.

Short though it is, A Violent Means Til the End is certainly worth a listen, and it gives the sense that Citizen 2-13 could do something great with even more time allotted. This tape is still available for $6 at the FTAM website, so go snag one.


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