Whore’s Skeleton – Honey (CD-R, Not On Label)

whores skeleton

Whore’s Skeleton is a harsh noise project from Columbus, Ohio, and on Honey, a CD-R of just under ten minutes, the project presents one live-recorded track. Whore’s Skeleton has released a couple of other albums, but apparently none of them have been easily producible in a live setting. Honey is meant to change that.

It certainly does feel recorded in a live setting, and the electronic sounds all feel authentic to the session. The track opens with a lingering, melancholic drone which acts as a frame for the rest of the track. There are a few vignettes in this sub-10 minute piece; the first one begins as what seems like a sound sample from a movie, but it has been distorted and/or looped to create screams and a pounding that mimics what one might hear in power electronics. It’s a good use of sample, and quite effective.

The track moves on like a bus, using the drone to carry the listener until we get to a second wave of noise, this one being a washed-out electronic whir with harsh vocals from Whore’s Skeleton. The noise buzz is only mediocre – it seems as though there’s too much room within the sound, and it’s probably due to a recording element rather than a lack of texture. Finally, another sample, this time from The Tracey Fragments (which could be the source for the other sample, but I’m not sure), carries the listener out with a discomfiting thought.

It’s an interesting, sometimes fairly original, piece from Whore’s Skeleton, and it creates a sense of wonder of what the project can do next. It’s not perfect, but neither is performing live, and that’s kind of the point of this release. A well thought-out effort.


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