Dead Body Collection/Static Mantra – Har Megiddo (2xC40, Ikebukuro Dada)

harsh noise, harsh noise wall, Noise, Review

har megiddo

Dead Body Collection and Static Mantra are both stoic harsh noise wall artists, and on this two-cassette set they offer up one tape of solo walls and another tape where the two band together for two 20-minute HNW sessions. Har Megiddo translates to Armageddon, and if you’ve heard any of the prior output from these two artists, you know what to expect – thick walls of sound that definitely do signal some sort of apocalypse.

The first tape, subtitled “Judgment,” features a track from each artist. Dead Body Collection’s side, “Judgment of All Men,” is a fairly common wall from the project. A muddy bass tone in the background moves in a shuddering manner while the foreground’s static is crunchy, rolling, and somewhat scratchy. It’s an unchanging sound that lasts for 20 minutes, and it’s an example of general HNW – bass, static, and thickness packed into one, with a tendency to seem as though it has changed even if it hasn’t. Static Mantra’s “Insight Judgment” has a headier bass tone, with a shuddering, punctuated static that seems to surge and abate every few seconds. This is very nearly ambient noise wall territory, and with less bass to power the track, it might have been. But Static Mantra’s offering is quite hypnotic.

The second tape is titled “Revelation 16:16,” and it’s the collaboration tape. First up is “The Plain Next to the City,” a raging wall of heady bass crumbles and thick static that leaves little room to breathe. The static is tightly coiled, so the roiling nature of it carries throughout the track without much staccato. Yet there’s still a sense of movement within there, with the crackles shuddering every now and again. Last track “World to Come” has much the same bass tendencies as its predecessor, but this time the static crackles move along rapidly with the bass so that there’s a fixed, fast tempo. These both seem derived from the same session, and they mix well.

Overall Har Megiddo is a good collection of solid walls, although for those looking for something outside of the normal HNW sound, you won’t find it. These are all unchanging, unbroken pieces, and Dead Body Collection and Static Mantra pair perfectly together, so much so that I would like to see another split between them because the similarities are so high.

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