Vasculae – Receding Stasis (CD-R, Not On Label)


Vasculae is the harsh noise/HNW project of Jon Borges, the man behind Emaciator and Monorail Trespassing. Receding Stasis was released both as a C64 tape and this CD-R release for his 2012 US tour. Over an hour of moving harsh noise walls are on offer here over two dense tracks; Vasculae works in immense and overwhelming textures, and neither of these tracks can be considered to be “receding.”

The first track, “Virulent Lapse,” begins with a huge wall of static and bass that remains somewhat rigid until about the ten minute mark. From there, a blown-out bass frequency alternates between swirling static until Vasculae brings the sound down to a dull roar. It’s here where “Virulent Lapse” falters; when Vasculae comes down from the heavy wall, it feels like there’s too much of a lull between where the track was before and where it ends. Instead of a climax, the last 15 minutes are sort of anticlimactic, and it left me wishing that the two textures had been reversed.

The second track, “Inferential,” is more substantial, with large sizzles of static and a heavy bass tone that continues throughout the track. This one feels more relative to standard HNW, although it still does feature shifts in its textures throughout the piece. But what strikes me is the fidelity of the sound, which is very crisp overall.

Receding Stasis is a great release for those who enjoy harsh noise wall with shifting textures. Vasculae brings a lot of tones into these pieces and he stretches them out with enough changing elements to warrant the longer track lengths. It’s definitely worth a few listens to focus on the depth of these walls.

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