Droughter – Skin Gentleman’s Club (CD-R, Obfuscated Records)

harsh noise, Industrial, Noise, Review

skin gentleman

Droughter is Kevin McEleney, who also works under the name Drag Age (which has been reviewed on this blog). On Skin Gentleman’s Club, Droughter douses everything in gasoline and sets fire to it; any rhythms created by looping he destroys, any exhibiting signs of musicianship are eventually waylaid. Droughter leaves a desolate landscape in his wake, and the album is so completely off-putting that it’s just fantastic.

There’s a raw edge to all of the tracks on this album; they don’t feel polished or professionally mastered, leaving all of the roughness of the analog sound intact. Droughter hits hard with opener “Threshold,” its title a testament to the areas it reaches. There’s lots of sharp spikes of feedback, but they’re not overdone.

Crackling textures and shifting tones are also big on Skin Gentleman’s Club. The middle portion of “Threshold” features some great crunchy textures that come and go, and both parts of “Skin Gentleman’s Club” have huge bass-driven static. “Folio 1 (Reprise)” has a looping sample that Droughter quickly drops into oblivion. And “Taunt and Dismiss” is sure to leave the listener with a hellish landscape.

Droughter’s noise is harsh, loud, and raw, and the sounds on Skin Gentleman’s Club are intense. This is pure noise, full of dips and static and even some vocals. Put some time into this release, you won’t regret it.



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