Corpuscle – Victoria Snuffbox (C40, Maniacal Hatred)


Corpuscle is a harsh noise/power electronics project, and on Victoria Snuffbox, the sound goes both ways. The first side is split up into five tracks over 20 minutes, while the second gives one track a full side to destroy sound. Corpuscle’s work is heavy, and Victoria Snuffbox fits in well on the Maniacal Hatred label.

The first side runs together pretty smoothly; opener “Shadow of Golden Memory” incorporates a low spoken-word vocal tone which is difficult to really make out while the background sounds ebb and flow – there’s a repetitive but powerful synth and the staccato crash of static to keep things moving. These tracks blend fairly well; Victoria Snuffbox feels less like a collection of tracks than it does a tape meant for a single listening experience. “Golden Shower Sabaoth School Medley” and “Dreams Crushed + Snorted (Pure Trance)” meld together, the former a feedback-laced experiment in minimal harsh noise and the latter a continuum of that sentiment with a larger, blurrier sound and industrial pulses. Side A ends with a remix by Gnawed, “White Nose Miracle,” with all of the rage you’ve come to expect from that project as well as a consistency to stick with Corpuscle’s sound, and finally we’re out with the white noise stirrings of “Red Blood Reduction.”

The second side is one long focused track of harsh noise, titled “Ever Mother Nail Biting Son III (Father Rot)”. Destructive static pairs with a metallic rhythm in the background, while the brunt of the chaos comes from thin tendrils of high feedback and a devastating vocal delivery. A pulse keeps things in motion at all times, and the feedback never really stops – it just keeps its whistle-like piercing tone throughout, offset by vocals.

There are very significant differences between between both sides of this tape, but Corpuscle does both the long-form and short-form harsh noise track well. Victoria Snuffbox is a brutal tape, and it’s a perfect assault on your ears – 40 minutes, zero let-up.


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