White Gimp Mask/Frustrated Dissector – Untitled (C30, WGM Tapes & Vinyl)

White Gimp Mask and Frustrated Dissector are both Houston harsh noise projects. Robert Newsome is WGM, also the owner and operator of WGM Tapes & Vinyl, while Frustrated Dissector is a lesser known project with Richard Ramirez and the two members of Illicit Relationship. White Gimp Mask’s noise project should be most familiar, while Frustrated Dissector has only released a couple of tapes here and there.

On this split, both projects offer up two 15 minute long sides of blistering harsh noise. White Gimp Mask gives us a churning maelstrom throughout, with chaotic blasts of static and bass-driven fuzz, along with moments of screeching but not high-pitched feedback that comes and goes occasionally. There’s not much here that I can explain in detail because WGM switches from soundscape to soundscape so fast that once you’ve heard a sound, it’s assured you probably won’t hear it again. Entirely brutal, and endlessly moving.

Frustrated Dissector’s take on harsh noise is less active than WGM’s, beginning with a fixed loop of crunchy static and moving into a wall-like sound of very bass-driven, lo-fi fuzz with low-pitched feedback overtop. Frustrated Dissector move in waves – they aren’t constantly changing the set so much as carefully placing more textures into it, and it’s interesting to compare this to WGM’s side where his noise travels. Neither is better, but they do have different styles.

Anything with these projects is certainly worth your time, and I haven’t encountered a WGM Tapes & Vinyl release yet that has rubbed me wrong. It’s a label focused on the crunchy, static-filled noise, and both WGM and Frustrated Dissector deliver with huge tracks of sonic slaughter.

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