Black Leather Jesus – Gloryhole Anonymous (3″ Biz CD-R, Serious Business)

Black Leather Jesus normally toys with long-form soundscapes; they’re more interested in forming heavy slabs of noise instead of quick bursts. For a five minute disc, one would think that BLJ would make a track that encompasses the entire span of the release. In a surprising turn of events, though, the group has put together three very short tracks for this biz CD-R.

The first on the disc, “Dames Are For Pussies”, is a short grindcore-like burst of sound. It’s only 50 seconds in length, but it builds a huge wall of noise that Black Leather Jesus is known for, and when it fades out, it’s apparent that what we’ve heard is only a short blast of something much longer.

Then Gloryhole Anonymous moves on to “Ass Up”. These short pieces all seem gleaned from the same recording session – they have that encompassing mass of sound in the background – but they are also defined by the subtle changes in the forefront of the tracks. In “Ass Up”, there is a lot of feedback shifting that distinguishes it from the others. And finally, the ending “Trusting Rod and His Loving Thrusts” gives us a similar sound but with some moans or yelps in the background. The shifting feedback, the crumbling sounds of the static, and a whitewashing tide of bass, along with what sounds like the quick use of either a sample or synth track, bring Gloryhole Anonymous together for a great five minute excursion of sound. A great experiment from BLJ.


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