Justin Marc Lloyd – A Cycle That Dirties Itself But Never Ends (3″ Biz CD-R, Serious Business)


Serious Business is a label that only releases on mini biz-CD-Rs – these hold about five minutes’ worth of material and are excellent for getting a quick glimpse at a project. Justin Marc Lloyd sends up one track for five minutes of a looping synth track that makes significant use of its short time.

The titular track uses the whole length of the CD-R for that one synth loop; it is the mentioned cycle that dirties itself. It starts out crisp – there’s some additional electronics and whirs overtop of the tone that gradually begins to weave its way out of the track, first fairly unnoticeable until some small pops and blips begin. Then it leaves just the loop for a bit, allowing it to smolder, until the cycle again dirties itself with a little bit of static.

All of this starts to become a bit chaotic at the end, though, once the feedback increases. There’s a moment where things can’t really get any more blurred for the loop, and that’s when a harsh noise burst kicks in to carry the track out. The glitchy cuts do sound like they’ve been sourced from the original loop, although I’m not sure if that is the case.

It’s a tight, thematic approach to the release, although I would have liked to see the loop return again towards the end, if only to enforce the never-ending cycle. Still, it’s absolutely worth it to check this out, especially at such low cost and short length.



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