Mind & Flesh – Martyr Generation (CD, Force Majeure)

martyr generation

Mind & Flesh is the industrial noise project of Anders B. from Oslo, Norway. Martyr Generation is his first release under the moniker, out on Force Majeure (an imprint of Nuit Et Brouillard) as a CD in a sleek, glossy digipak. This CD hits all of the major notes of death industrial and power electronics: sharp and pummeling rhythms, repetitive beats, and harsh vocals. While it’s not really much of a surprising release per the genre, it is a great addition to a form of noise that’s very difficult to evolve.

Mind & Flesh mainly works with a formula on its tracks. They open with a steady, plodding beat, not too vigorous but enough to feel like a progressive march. Some are instrumental, and most of the second half of Martyr Generation features the industrial rhythms alone. The opening half is where Mind & Flesh puts the vocals on prominent display. They’re a whiny sort of growl (not a bad thing, just a characteristic) that often dialogue despicable events or strange characters, like on opener “Walking Target”, where Anders proclaims “You won’t be harmed/As long as you play my game.”

As with many industrial pieces, some of Martyr Generation‘s tracks work well while others fall short. “Walking Target” and “From Cradle to the Grave” are a nice one-two punch, while the instrumental tracks “Blodskam” and “How to Punish”, sandwiched in the middle of the disc, feel too repetitive to keep the momentum going into the second half. Still, “Destroyers” manages to bring some of that energy back, even without vocals, and “Learning to Hate You”, a collaboration with Kim Solve, is one of the best tracks on the album with a significant synth line.

Still, Martyr Generation is a bit uneven in terms of quality tracks, and the disc often makes one hope that Mind & Flesh will branch out from his normal plan of attack for some variety. It’s an album with some good industrial rhythms, but it also fits snugly within the confines of other artists within the same genre.


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