Ascites/WGM/RU-486/Permanent Outlet – This Is Not B.L.J. (C30, WGM Tapes & Vinyl)


On This Is Not B.L.J., we have a smorgasbord of quality names in the harsh noise world coming together for two tracks of flat-out destruction. This is not a split, but a collaboration of a sort: both tracks on here are side-long collisions of all four artists, brutally dissecting sound and then offering it up into heavy wall-like structures.

Both sides enter into the sound as though things have already gotten under way. There’s a lot of bass and percussive elements to these tracks, and heavy bass, searing static, and a feeling that your head is being doused by a either a raging fire or a waterfall are on par for both tracks. But there are moments of clarity within the chaos; at times one can hear solid pieces from the artists (though who it is is unclear) where certain elements of the sound come through.

The first track has quite a few moments of staccato and rhythmic churning, and the second side focuses on a more dense wall where tones of synth seem to ring out occasionally underneath the brunt of the sound. There are certainly moments where harsh noise elements come into play – the short bursts of lower-pitched feedback, the growl of heavier bass shifting into the overwhelming cloud. If you listen carefully the elements come forth, and This Is Not B.L.J. rewards with multiple listens.

However, each artist tends to blend into the spectrum here, and the two tracks are relatively similar. While they are devastating, they also make for a repetitive listen. When the tracks sound so fuzzed out, it’s often difficult to pick out the more nuanced portions of the tracks that are clearly there. But you can’t go wrong with these four artists, and if a heavy onslaught is what you’re anticipating, This Is Not B.L.J. is perfect.

One thought on “Ascites/WGM/RU-486/Permanent Outlet – This Is Not B.L.J. (C30, WGM Tapes & Vinyl)

  1. Ascites was the first noise act I heard nearly 10 or more years ago, I feel really humbled to be in Ascites now for the last 2 1/2 years or so. I haven’t heard this recording. I’m hoping we’ll have some new material out soon.

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