Death Factory – Maschinen Unter Kontrolle (CD-R, NoVisible Scars)


Reviewed in digital format

Death Factory is a death industrial project from Michael Krause, and Maschinen Unter Kontrolle is a 75-minute album jam-packed with noise ranging from industrial to harsh noise to power electronics. There’s even a live jam on here to change things up a little bit. Death Factory hits a lot of familiar territory, but there’s a variety of stuff to go around on here for many noise listeners to enjoy.

The first tracks clock in over the ten minute mark, and Death Factory divides the territory well with the shorter piece “Shatter the Glass Tower” right in the middle of it all. Opener “Machinen Untter Kontrolle” hits with crackling static and a rolling beat, only to end with whirrs and laser blasts of sound backed by some melodic synth work. It rolls right into “Manifestation of Fear (Version 3)”, a rhythmic pulsing industrial tune that sets up the rest of the death industrial vibe of the album.

This track and “Devolve/Shatter the Glass Tower (Part 2 Powermix)” are the best tracks on here. The latter touches on power electronics with sharp vocals and a heavy rhythm that takes the first version of the track into a slower, droning area. The live track, “Bulldozer (Live Trio 2007)”, adds some drums that aren’t prevalent on this disc – it’s a bit different from the other Death Factory repertoire, but it works regardless.

The final experiment, “Demitri’s’ Dilemma”, is a noise homage to the horror film Beyond the Door, and it features samples from that film. It’s a quiet closer, and it’s not as good as the other material on here, but horror fans will enjoy the creepy sample.

The CD-R is lengthy, but it gives Death Factory time to explore the different avenues of sound in his portfolio. Maschinen Unter Kontrolle is worth a listen just for the two highlights mentioned above; the rest of the tracks are just a pleasant addition to the album.


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