Facialmess/Areyfu – Murder Dieting (MP3, Grindcore Karaoke)


Here’s a perfect matchup of harsh noise from the online label Grindcore Karaoke. Murder Dieting is four tracks of cut-up noise, two from Facialmess and two from Areyfu, both of whom have released some excellent harsh noise records in the past. If you’re not familiar with the type of sounds that both artists release, this digital album is a perfect example of them at their harshest.

The first onslaught is from Facialmess with “Stench of Profiteering”. The structure of the track is sort of similar to how a lengthy grindcore track might be if it weren’t full of blast beats but instead a huge and distorted blast of electronics and junk metal. At more than 9 minutes apiece, both tracks are chaotic, with sharp, cutting bursts of noise truncated into sections by quieter vocal samples and noisy interludes. These portions allow Facialmess to focus on distributing annihilative clashes of sound while also keeping the listener off-guard.

The interludes don’t always work, and sometimes I found myself wishing that Facialmess would cut out some of the quieter moments for longer segments of crunchy, assaulting electronics. But even so, Facialmess’s insane turns are surprising, and the tracks are really unpredictable in their scope.

Areyfu’s side is similar in nature, although he allows the harsh noise bits a longer time to breathe. In between the bursts of “Defiler” is a lingering ambience, and often Areyfu returns to the same noises that he’s been building on even after the quieter moments. There’s a more digital, looping quality to his work too – a lot of whirrs pepper the track, and underneath is a subtle morse code-like simmering.”The Wall Garden” continues a similar assault throughout the course of the track, keeping a hollowed-out buzz underneath its noise smatterings.

Both sides are very good harsh noise, but again, maximum enjoyment comes from a respect of the cut-up genre. Murder Dieting isn’t a surprising release from either artist, but it is a great pairing and a good showcase of what they can do with blasts of noise and some ambient interludes.


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