Ebola Disco/Screwtape – Split (7″, Now… This!)


Both members of Ethic Cleansing come together for a split, but not as Ethic Cleansing. Instead they use their solo monikers; Ebola Disco isn’t as well known as Screwtape, but they both throw down some pretty heavy cuts on this short 10 minute split vinyl. Creative cover art, by the way: take it out of the plastic wrap and ogle both sides, designed for each track.

The first side of this 7″ is Ebola Disco’s “I Feel Love”. Think it’s a cover of Donna Summer’s track from 1977? It’s not. It starts with a chugging loop, adding feedback and industrial-tinged squalls of metal grinding, then vocals over the top that are growled and mumbled and overall just maniacal enough to work. They’re not the most intriguing of Ebola Disco’s set – the chugs stay stationary while feedback squeals make their own pitched rhythm. Lots of textures to notice here, so the vocals simply add to the overall chaos of the sound.

Screwtape’s side, “Sacrifice (Are You Enjoying This As Much As I Am?)”, uses a spoken word sample about pornography as it swirls around it. The vocals are somewhat distorted by the shifting haze of lo-fi electronics in the background; they create a faded howl that drives the track, while a sample of a girl’s dirty talk (“Do you like it?”) interrupts the preaching. There’s a lot going on, and sometimes it’s difficult to pick out the actual words in the speech – if you miss some of them, you’ll also miss the point. But the melding of pornography and a diatribe against it creates an effectively disturbing piece.

Two well-made pieces of noise on this split, so you can’t go wrong picking it up. They are very different sides, but Ebola Disco and Screwtape both know how to hit with harshness and then back away, and Screwtape’s side is an experiment in hypocrisy.


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