Clay – Reign of Bombs (CD-R, Breaching Static)

reign of bombs

Clay is another project from Djordje Miladinović, the man behind the harsh noise wall outfit Raven. Reign of Bombs indicates a more political bent for Clay, and the artwork for this release seems like it’s also moving in that direction. This two-track CD offers up 40 minutes of walls, both of which clock in around 20 minutes apiece.

First is “Reign of Bombs”, which forgoes the standard all-out assault on the ears for a track laden with different types of static. We have a looser feel in the background of the track, while the foreground elements skip and shudder, convulsing in various rhythms and continuously stuttering throughout the track. In this sense, “Reign of Bombs” feels light on the ears, but it’s also got its own groove that works very well to keep a hypnotizing feeling.

“Devastation” is more of a whitewash, with a background bass tone that rolls along without much change at all. The foreground features a sharp static hiss, something one might hear coming from an untuned radio. It’s a little less textured than other tracks of this nature, but since it comes after the excellent first track, it’s somewhat disappointing in comparison. Still, these two walls are very different from most – they don’t subscribe to the idea of layering multiple sounds together, but only a couple of differing textures. Two solid, unchanging walls from Clay, a project I’d certainly like to see more of. The first track on this release is the real kicker – the patternings in its unchanging eccentricities is killer to follow – but both are solid displays of harsh noise wall’s abilities at its best.


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