Wiretappers – Avalancheland (MP3, NNNCO)


Wiretappers is a collage project by noise artist RJ Myato with the vocals and ramblings of Brian DiSanto. This online release is only ten minutes in length and one song, a blend of spoken word and corresponding noises that stretches into psychedelic, if a bit elusive, territory thematically. In a way, it reminds of something Joan of Arc might do now that they’ve stepped into the ethereal territory of noise pop.

Throughout the first minutes, “Avalancheland” focuses heavily on DiSanto’s wordplay. He’s got good texturing to his speech; there’s a lot of alliteration to the prose, and it simply sounds good, even if I have no idea what it means. Myato’s noise only factors in minimally here, with a stirring thrump of snare drum as the beat marches forward.

It takes a little while to get into DiSanto’s spoken word. His voice is a little grating; it can be difficult to listen to or even pick up on some of what he says thanks to the echo. Slowly, the track morphs into noisier territory: a rousing blend of crowd clappings, some rhythmic organ and guitar, other random noises. It’s difficult what to make of it all; it’s both esoteric and accessible.

It might take multiple listens to really figure out Wiretappers; I’m still not sure I have, nor do I know what I think about “Avalancheland”. It’s unfortunate more aspects of the noise don’t factor in, because that’s one of the enjoyable pieces about this track. DiSanto’s chirrups are fine, but since I can’t decipher the meaning behind the spacey surrealism, the spoken word aspect is slightly limited.


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