Extreme Volume Pop – Extreme Volume Pop 001 (C90, Not On Label)



So this is sort of weird. Extreme Volume Pop (by Anon Pop of Meat Glue and Unknown) is a project that doesn’t seem to have a legitimate release along with it; instead, what the project does is release compilations of tracks and other refuse released digitally. What I have is a DIY cassette of 90 minutes, packaged with a B&W print J-card with handwritten tracks and many random phrases. While researching Extreme Volume Pop, I couldn’t really tell if these were Meat Glue tracks or stand-alone cuts, or if they come from some release or if they’re just like a mixtape of sorts. So for a title, I’ve simply notated this release as Extreme Volume Pop 001 as it states in the J-card, and I will leave it at that.

This is a one-sided cassette (sort of), with all of the noise on the B-side and a bunch of random, funky tunes on the A-side that I did not care to listen to one bit. The actual release is 45 minutes long, and that’s what I’ll focus on here.

Extreme Volume Pop tends to meander into various harsh noise weirdness throughout this cassette, and most of the cuts here have little in overarching theme. Instead, the project does its work mangling sounds and combining them into lengthier pieces of noise. In noise of this nature, it’s difficult to review each track – I can’t explain every texture in place on this tape, but only give snippets of how the cassette works as a whole. It’s surprisingly cohesive, actually, and each track ventures fairly far from where the others go.

“Murderous Passions” works in alarm blasts and warped electronics, not a harsh piece by most standards because of its lo-fi qualities and minimalism. That puts it at odds with some of the other tracks like “Day Glow Perversion” or the digitally-imbued “Livers Eaten, Souls Devoured” with its video game squeaks and swirls. The latter’s the longest track on this cassette, and its an amalgam of every cut-up method used on Extreme Volume Pop 001.

Whether you will enjoy Extreme Volume Pop lies in your taste for harsh noise – the kind that is quite varied and all over the place. There are some really good cut-tracks here, and that’s surprising coming from a tape that seems like such a mishmash of sounds.


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