Werewolf Jerusalem/Willows – Split (CD-R, Wendigo Records)

willows split

Here’s an awesome split between Werewolf Jerusalem, one of my favorite harsh noise wall projects from prolific artist Richard Ramirez, and Willows, another HNW project from Dominick Colluci (also of Faggot Front, Hush, and The Structure before those). Two long tracks are featured on this CD-R, which comes packaged in the same type of folded paper insert that The Structure had done before it – along with a plastic sleeve.

First is Werewolf Jerusalem with “Visiting Hours”; it starts off really softly, with a slight buzzing akin to a train humming along on railroad tracks, but it opens up after a couple of minutes with some devastating crumbles of static and bass that seem to converge at opposite times. It does feel like these two sets of alternating noise tracks are stuttered together to create a great crunchy texture, and the left and right side of the balance seem to be set to different tracks – all very gritty to the ears. At times, Werewolf Jerusalem allows the wall some space to move, but often it comes right back to rumbles and a very heavy staccato-like static texture. It all explodes later on with a white-wash wall of moving bass and stoic static that carries us through to the end of this mighty track.

Willows’ texture on “Our Insignificance Perhaps May Save Us” starts right out, with a grinding mass of static and bass that remains very rigid. There’s not much change from the static, and it sets up the wall with a nice bit of fuzzy texture as the bass and another mechanical, rhythmic tone oscillate back and forth. Little movement of this wall for the most part per se, although the texture does tend to open a little towards the end with minute changes to the tone of the wall.

Two excellent tracks on this release, with Werewolf Jerusalem giving an all-out assault and Willows providing more rhythmic, hypnotizing fare. You must pick this up if you have the chance.



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