dreams of Tall buildings – Taking Down of Architecture (Hex CD, Warm Circuit Records)

the taking down of architecture

dreams of Tall buildings, otherwise known as doTb, are a duo of Justan Wiggan and Darren Joyce, and on Taking Down of Architecture, the two offer up four short tracks full of synth, piano, and dream-like movements that range from space and psychedelic rock to spaghetti western-style soundtracks. It’s also worth a mention that this EP is released on a hexagonal disc and not the usual mini-CD; it takes a precise fit to get it to play in my CD player, but it certainly looks cool.

The four tracks on this CD are all a bit different from each other, not so much so that it makes Taking Down of Architecture too sporadic but enough to hint at the versatility of the duo. There are warm synths and rhythmic repetitions, like on the first track titled “Death of the Utopian Dream.” There are noisy instances, like the sample-driven “A Very Private Place.”

And then there are the tracks that really carry this EP, the two end songs – “Theme for Johnny” and “Development Where None Existed,” respectively. The first is a dreamy, proggy cut featuring repetitive riffs from a piano with some jazz spunk; it’s all very catchy, with lots of extra instrumentation thanks to what sounds like pipe organ and a riff straight out of an espionage film. “Development Where None Existed” plods along slowly and eerily with bell plunks and a harmonica to add a dark western feel.

For twenty minutes, it’s easy to remain mesmerized by the different areas doTb hit; their best work comes toward the second half, but all of it is easy listening with involved orchestral elements. Certainly worth a listen from music and non-music lovers alike.


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