Loopool – Infinity & Infinity II (Infinite loops, Welcome to the 21st)

loopool infinity

Loopool has been doing some great things with this project; these Infinity tapes are set to loop for as long or as little as you want them to, with a twenty second sample continuing to repeat as the tape loops back on itself. There are two single-sided cassettes in this series, and both of them have very different loops to listen to, repeat, and infinitely recycle.

The first loop, Infinity, features a warped and warbled bit of noise as though a recording were taken of dogs and animals growling that was then muffled,  fiddled with, and ultimately scrambled until only the effect of the recording remained. It’s a more interesting loop than Infinity II, which features a looping effect of oscillating tones and pitches reminiscent of a simple carnival ditty, only more muffled and bass-heavy.

But the second loop works better, simply because when the tape resets, the pattern remains relatively unchanged. When Infinity resets, there’s a lengthy bit of silence and some quick editing cuts that sort of detract from the original loop; over time, the silence begins to work itself into the loop, but at first it’s quite jarring and doesn’t really reach the same level as Infinity II.

But it’s easy to leave either of these two tapes on for quite some time as white noise or as something repetitive to focus on. While doing other things, I left both on for about a half-hour to 45 minutes. That means that even something as simple as a twenty-second can hypnotize while still making sure you get your money’s worth.


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