Crucifix Eye – Yokai (C40, Forever Escaping Boredom)


Crucifix Eye is harsh noise wall done by databending, but it’s not very apparent from Yokai. The two tracks on this cassette sound made from analog electronics, not digitally altered, and there are  nuances in these pieces that have obviously been examined and studied by the artist.

The first track, “Oni,” is a side-long mass of juddering sound. There’s a lot of pulsating bass, and it’s working at uneven tempos to add to the culmination. There’s also a ton of crunch, but the way that the bass doesn’t evenly fit with it creates a raucous accompaniment. The wall changes over time, too; there’s sometimes a heavy high-pitched buzz that carries along with the static, and towards the end of the piece an even thicker bass staccato and hammering becomes apparent.

“Tsuchigumo” is an interesting track, because it really has no thickness from any bass rhythm. Instead, it stands on a very metallic-like whirring, along with faint traces of pounding in the background. What’s prevalent in this track is the oscillation of the whirring tones, which sometimes create a bell-like resonance in places. It’s all much like being in a factory fed through a high-pass filter, only keeping the higher frequencies. It’s an interesting take on the harsh noise wall, and although I do find the bassy, crunchy textures to be more fulfilling, this one is droning in nature and works just as well.

Yokai is an excellent release with two very different textures. The walls remain stoic, but there are some great changes on these lengthy tracks to warrant many multiple listens. Crucifix Eye is doing some uncharted things on Yokai, and it’s a cassette to check out.



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