Vasectomy Party – The Wulfgar Command II (C31, Forever Escaping Boredom)

wulfgar command II

Vasectomy Party is Hal Harmon’s harsh noise wall/power electronics collision project, and on The Wulfgar Command II, he makes that extremely known. There’s walls of sound bashed together with clangs and screamed vocals; there are political allusions and movie snippets that talk of violence and terrorism. There’s something for everyone on these two longer tracks, and Vasectomy Party does it with ease.

Nothing showcases the amalgamation of genres better than the A-track “Terror On the Roosevelt Island Tram”, which crams movie quotes, harsh buzzes and waves of static walls, and heavy vocals all at the same time. The track starts out with some pulsating bass static textures, and it adds lead pipe poundings along the way – even small snarls of something akin to dark guitar chords make their way into the mix. The rhythmic punctuation of the sporadic percussion is simply great, but the movements away from that towards more chaotic harsh noise at the end – combined with some venomous vocal delivery – make this a delightful cut.

The second side, “Strike on the Financial District”, starts out with another rumbling mass of wall, and it combines the vocals into it – sort of drowning them out while still keeping them in the mix. The second half of this track, separated by another sample, tends to lose its structure; it billows out, juddering around and sort of crumbling in upon itself. It doesn’t work as well as the first because it lacks the more focused aspects of the A-side, but it’s still a nice treat for those who enjoy harsh noise that sort of works its way through the gamut of sounds.

Overall, The Wulfgar Command II is a very good release from Vasectomy Party, and certainly a project that intrigues me to check out more from the artist. The mix of harsh noise walls and power electronics is particularly interesting, and it will be a pleasure watching this project continue forward.


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