Pregnant Spore + Aisle – Opiate Chapel (C23, Rainbow Bridge)

opiate chapel

Pregnant Spore teamed up with Aisle for this collaboration on Opiate Chapel. There are two side-long tracks which offer up some weird, glitchy tunes, the stuff you would expect from Pregnant Spore. It’s all housed in a very colorful collection, with a red tape and some spacey artwork.

The first side took a little while to grow on me. I was at first concerned with the spacing of the track, which seems separated in a couple of places by slices of silence where the track proceeds into new territory. However, there’s a good mix of stuff on this side to listen for: some explosions of crumbly static and a huge amount of bass pulsations are the most evident. I really enjoy what I’ll call the middle section, a looping, rhythmic tone of bass that’s hugely amplified and rumbly. Yet the next portion of that side, and the part that ends Side A, is something of a misstep – the bass holds true, but it’s just a couple of bass frequency shifts, alternating over and over to end the track. It just doesn’t carry the track to the finale as it should.

Side B is quieter, but it does feature more feedback – if that makes sense, I guess. There’s more structure to this track; its parts run for longer lengths, and they do build, with layers of feedback, glitches, and scratchy loops being the name of the game here. It’s the better track on here, and it’s like a rhythmic whirring of some strange space workshop.

Opiate Chapel is good, but it’s not the best release I’ve heard from Pregnant Spore. As a duo, they sound good but perhaps just a little aimless; it’s difficult to tell how they’re both incorporated here, and the tracks are just a little lacking of substance.

One thought on “Pregnant Spore + Aisle – Opiate Chapel (C23, Rainbow Bridge)

  1. thanks ryne! matt hex/aisle is more of a rhythmic noise artist at times. he took source material of mine and he fucked with it aisle-style. it was intended to be a more minimal, sort of stoned-out, hazy, repetitive and rhythmic-oriented release than usual. with beats and utilization of silence or quiet sounds. quality review of course, and all respect to you without hesitation. i just thought i’d give you a little info on some of the points you touched on.

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