Digital submissions now open/submit other forms of music

As I steadily catch up on review items, I would like to reopen the option to digitally submit review items. As noted before, I would prefer that submissions be in physical form if they are available, because the whole package does make a difference in review – but if your release is digital-only and you would like it reviewed, feel free to send me a link at and I will get to it when I can.

Also, I would like to open Memory Wave Transmission up to different styles of music – the extreme ones, of course, but things that are not entirely related to noise. This means that hardcore, death metal, black metal, post-rock, shoegaze, and any other fringe artists may submit releases to me if they so choose. It will not be a focus of this blog, and if I don’t get any takers I will not be actively reviewing any releases that I feel like. But it is an option, and it will also help smaller bands and labels get some recognition. I feel that noise and these other genres match up well, and those who listen to noise may also dabble in other areas.


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