Abismo – Sendero Luminoso (C50[?], The Throat)

sendero luminoso

Abismo produces noise based on deep droning textures, and a lot of times Sendero Luminoso delves into ambient industrial sounds and even a bit of power electronics, although that is somewhat limited and created by the use of sound samples instead of the more apparent vocals of most PE.

The first track, “1323.CFR.718” is repetitious, but it’s slow pacing and additions to a very hearty drone is enough to keep the whole thing moving, even for its lengthy runtime. But the focal point of Sendero Luminoso is “M.D.M.A (Mi Dio Me Ama)”, a track that contains an entire relationship breaking down throughout its run. It’s a disturbing sound clip, made into something akin to power electronics with the track’s emphasis on echoing noise and slow pounding rhythms, along with static crackles that cut in in very tense and suspenseful ways. It starts out with a really uncomfortable-sounding bit of sex, then morphs into a violent episode of Cheaters once a man comes in and finds the couple. Sometimes it’s hard to make out exactly what’s going on, but it’s all really, really tense, and the crackle of the static makes the listener strain harder to hear what’s actually going on. For me, it’s really disturbing to listen to, and that’s what draws me to it again and again.

“La Sangre Llama” is similar to the first track, keeping the looping nature of the deep, cavernous sound with a twitchy tingling vibrato behind it – and again, along the way we get additions to keep the sound moving forward. Despite “M.D.M.A”‘s success with vocals, the sample on “Caida” doesn’t work nearly as well – it’s like a motivational speaker set to some drones, but its attempts to be hypnotic go on a bit too long.

We come back to what Abismo does well on the first two tracks of side B – looping textures, adding new layers, and crafting an audibly dreary experience. Neither are exceptional, but Abismo does them well. Closer “La Muerta De La Carne Y Resusitacion Del Alma” falls into the same depths “Caida” does – extended periods of vocal samples and too much movement, making the final track something of a letdown.

But Sendero Luminoso is an enjoyable experience through most, and the depths of the drones, as well as the very disturbing second track, make for some audio torture. I enjoyed the industrial tinge of these tracks, although I just wish Abismo had left out some of the sample tracks – they just don’t feel necessary.


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