Empty Flat Resonance – Knowledge of Reality EP (MP3, 17 Sons Records)

Empty Flat Resonance is a perfect name for this artist – the drones and subtle hums on this release really do sound like they might come from someone’s recording of an empty apartment while they’ve left for the day. Knowledge of Reality EP is a four-track release from this artist; from what I can find, it’s one  of two releases from the project.

Each track is six minutes long, concisely measured out with dark ambient synth tones and mellow, minimal sounds. “Convex Hull Serotonin” simply zips along with small meanderings of sound, something akin to radar bursts echoing and pinging through water. Empty Flat Resonance creates a lot of silence within the tracks; “Triangulation Cannabinoid” starts off so silent it feels like nothing is happening, but the volume turns up with some extra synth work added to create a vibrating effect that works rather well. The same is true of “Linear Programming Ibotenic Acid”, which starts very softly and escalates to some really loud, higher-pitched tones.

In honesty, Knowledge of Reality EP doesn’t progress very far from where it begins, and some of the tracks sound rather similar to each other. There’s not much about these drones that motivates the listener to go back and find something they’ve missed, and the space within all of them means that there’s nothing too hypnotic about them. While these are light drones, they don’t capture the listener as well because they feel too subtle. Still, it’s an interesting attempt at very minimal textures.


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