Apophallation – Verzameling Van Audio Om Kennis Te Maken Of Omdat Je Het Op Cassette Wilt (Versie II) (C20 [?], Psychotronica Recordings)

Apophallation isn’t a very nice word to think about, especially for men – it means an amputation of a slug penis when, after copulation, they become twined together so much that they cannot separate. The noise of Apophallation isn’t very nice to the ears, either, and this compilation, titled the lengthy Verzameling Van Audio Om Kennis Te Maken Of Omdat Je Het Op Cassette Wilt (Versie II), puts together six tracks taken from other releases. They’re all very pummeling, quick and piercing and loud.

The tracks tend to blend together, and it’s very difficult to really decipher where one ends and another begins. That’s a testament to how Apophallation has compiled these tracks. The cuts are quick and sharp, edited together well, and each track has a lot of crunchy sound to it that works well. Like other cut-up noise acts, Apophallation uses starts and stops, jitters and other noise pieces, to add to the noise. There’s little room to rest between pieces, and this tape feels mostly like one longer track put together.

There’s a wide range of sound to these cuts, but most of them remain fairly brutal and shifting. Apophallation takes from the best of the harsh noise crowd, and this compilation maintains what the artist can do with noise. The flip side of the tape features “Broken Tunes From the Flea Market,” random folk and poppy tunes that fill the side. At first I thought that it was a joke and Apophallation would have destroyed some of the sound, but no, it’s really tunes from the flea market on the second side.

This is a promising artist, and Verzameling Van Audio Om Kennis Te Maken Of Omdat Je Het Op Cassette Wilt (Versie II) puts a lot of great noise to tape from Apophallation’s portfolio. I will definitely be looking for more of this in the future – it’s rough, jagged, and no-holds-barred.


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