Vile Plumage – Untitled (C90, Not On Label)

Like Darren Wyngarde’s other recent project as Urdwyg the Golderr, this Vile Plumage C90 is only available from the man himself. You can get it by dropping him an email asking for it, although he’s got to “feel the pull of the universe” before he sends it to you. You should talk about omens and spiritual animals (hint hint).

Also like that other tape, Untitled is very strange and almost improvisational in quality. The tape is simply all over the place, with loops and collages, whirring and poor dubbing quality, all laid into 45 minute sidelong tracks. The feel of both is the same, but the amount of noise and whackiness is different for each side. You might find some screaming women on side A; side B has a looping vocal pattern, scrapes of sound, and some organ that drones on.

Unlike Urdwyg the Golderr, this tape sounds a lot more focused, and it’s not as ridiculous in nature since it’s not portraying making noise just for the sake of noise. There aren’t any random fart sounds or weird yelling; these are more compositional and flowing, and out of the two, Vile Plumage is the one that I would listen to more.

It’s good to just throw on Untitled and let it take you where it will; it’s difficult to expect anything from it, and so that’s a good thing when the listener simply tunes in and out at will. These tracks are easy to get lost in, in both senses of the word. And since all you have to do to obtain this release is send an email, it’s worth the effort.


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