A View From Nihil – Primordial Sea (CD-R, Void Seance)

A View From Nihil also runs the Order of the HNW, so in essence you know what you’re getting with Primordial Sea – a lengthy, near-impenatrable wall of sound that totally embodies harsh noise wall. But Primordial Sea does something a little different than a normal wall – its sound embodies the theme of the release, weaving a strong presence that reminds of an extinct body of water.

The lengthy track begins with droning sounds and very crunchy static, and it seems led by some sort of synth that extends throughout the piece that adds the bass quality to it. The crunchy static works very well, and soon the track begins to ebb and flow like the crashing of ocean waves. This goes on for a while until the flow drops out, leaving the oscillating textures to flow back and forth in an undulating cacophony.

That eventually dies away around the 30 minute mark for more extensive droning and a little less crackle from the static. This part runs a little too long for my taste, as it doesn’t leave me as interested as the rest of the sounds. It’s left to roll into overkill, and although it does feel like a comedown, it’s also not as good as the rest. Primordial Sea goes back to its ebb and flow sound towards the end, but it’s not enough to finish it.

Primordial Sea is very good, but this reviewer can’t help but feel like the last half of the track could have been cut down considerably. Instead of a long hour, this could have been a concise half hour full of subtle turns. As always from A View From Nihil, it’s definitely worth a listen, but it’s not some of the best material I’ve heard from the project.


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