Breakdancing Ronald Reagan – The Anti-Thurston: Complete (CD-R, Baby Smasher Records)

There is so much Breakdancing Ronald Reagan on this disc that sometimes I can’t handle it. The Anti-Thurston: Complete collects about an hour and seventeen minutes worth of noise from splits and other releases that Breakdancing Ronal Reagan has been a part of; they’re all mashed together into one long track, and that makes for a raucous, sometimes uneven, listen.

It’s difficult to write up exactly where the artist goes on this disc, because there’s just so much of it. But Breakdancing Ronald Reagan hits almost every sub-genre of noise here, from harsh noise walls to synth work to harsh noise blasts, and it’s all just thrown together on a disc so haphazardly that it works.

Some of the cuts aren’t my favorite; I’m not a big fan of the MIDI-like trouncing Breakdancing Ronald Reagan has done with a Super Mario theme. But that’s the thing with The Ant-Thurston: Complete – some aspects of this release are bound to ostracize some listeners. You listen to the ones you like.

But the way the disc is set up – no tracks, just mush – is difficult for me to listen to, because if I want to skip over a track I’m not particularly fond of, I can’t without having to shuffle through and guess where I want to end up. And The Anti-Thurston: Complete is a long release; it’s not something most people will want to sit down and listen to for the entirety, myself included.

Though I can’t see myself listening to this often, I still must praise Breakdancing Ronald Reagan for hitting so much territory on this release: I’m not kidding when I say there’s nearly every sub-genre represented here. It doesn’t always work, and it’s too long-winded as one track for my taste, but there are certainly those that will find much to love on this CD-R.


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