Wailing of the Winds – Wailing of the Winds (C30, Diazepam)

dark ambient, Drone, Neofolk

This self-titled cassette from Wailing of the Winds is the only release I could find from this neo-folk drone artist, but it’s quite an intriguing one. Wailing of the Winds plays a brand of dark, moody folk, full of bells and acoustic guitars and swelling violin. It’s all beautiful in its morbidity, and the darkest recesses of this cassette still harbor glimmers of enchanting themes. There’s even a Thergothen cover to end the second side.

“Gathering of Flies” ebbs and flows with a droning sound that mimics the wailing of a choir. It builds, slowly getting louder while adding in subtle pieces of instrumentation; you’ll start to hear bells, and percussive elements, and even some tambourine perhaps. It happens slowly, but it’s an excellent track thanks to the minuteness of the sound, how simply it escalates. “Stumble March” works on a similar pattern, with melancholy acoustic guitar providing rhythm until an excellent use of violin strings accompanies darkly. And “Drift” adds onto that ethereal theme with a floating fog of guitar.

The baroque bleakness of the longer “Drunk Funeral” is beautiful in its sparseness, with just the fleeting amounts of percussion to give it a marching beat. And Wailing of the Winds does an excellent job with Thergothen’s “Everlasting,” terribly agonizing with the sawing of the violins which appear just out of key, even some echoing mellifluous vocals.

This is a glum but beautiful showing from Wailing of the Winds, a soundtrack to dead trees and winter gloom. They do some excellent neo-folk, and it’s certainly worth a check-out even if you’re not into that sort of thing.

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