Marinara Cooler – Without It, I’m the Same (C30, Moon Mist Music)

Marinara Cooler is duo Mike Haley and Daniel Dlugosielski; Haley does his thing with Wether and a few other monikers, while Dlugosielski works within a bunch of different groups including Egg Sac, recently reviewed here. Marinara Cooler features a lot of warped electronics that conjure up excellent drones; both artists seem to be equally represented here, especially Haley’s dynamic noise, but both side-long 15 minute jams are wonderful brooding tones.

Side A begins with industrial-style feedback, fluttering and coursing as though sourced from some poorly-oiled machine. As the track goes on, the repetitive nature takes on a droning hypnotic effect, but the feedback is toned down a little bit to make room for some whirrs and warps, some pops of synth or fucked tape manipulations and whatever else Marinara Cooler feels like using on this cassette. It all works incredibly well, and if you weren’t at first persuaded that Marinara Cooler’s noise would be worthwhile, you’ll be hooked after this track.

Next on Side B is another long drone, this time again with lots of little nuances underneath the constant flow of buzzing drones. It works from a large crash of sound and tape loops into more minimal territory, where most of the sounds are dropped for only a couple of loops and some layered drones of sound, including some high-pitched feedback reminiscent of the first track. It’s another awesome cut, and I think Marinara Cooler works so well because the duality of the two performers shines through in the nooks and crannies of the otherwise unblemished noise.

Marinara Cooler presents two fantastic slabs of murky, lo-fi electronic drones, and Without It, I’m the Same is both flowing and dense at the same time. The little niches of sound, the Twilight Zone-esque harmonies brought to the noisy loops, makes for an eerie listening experience. It all comes on a Dinah Shore cassette, but I don’t think she’d recognize this as music anymore.


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