Deprivation – Deprivation (C30, Diazepam)

Deprivation’s self-titled release is described as a nod back to death industrial, and the rhythm and grind of rather sparse electronics does exude that ideal. Deprivation is an ideal moniker for this project, because the noise offered on this C30 does not deliver a large amount of electronics; instead, it’s minimal at most, with each track often providing only spare amounts of sound throughout the course of it.

The first track on this release is perhaps the best; it’s pure feedback worship, combining minimal sounds and a slight rhythm with lots of feedback for quite a few minutes. The other two tracks on the side, “A Place of Total Despair” and “Stare Into These Eyes,” are just not as interesting, and the repetitive rhythms featuring very little noise didn’t do a whole lot for me.

The second side is much better, with two longer tracks that fall into the rhythms Deprivation creates. “The Warmest Place to Hide” is looping, but there’s more going on – some static crackle, a little feedback, and what sounds like some vocal yelling in the background that pairs nicely with the feedback. Deprivation needs to strike a happy medium between repetitive and simply uninteresting, and once some layers are added to his marching noise, the tracks begin to create a desperate and uneasy tone. “Left to Rot At the Bottom of Hell” features small oscillations of sound along with a thumping percussive beat and a synth tone that’s quite creepy actually – it’s these sort of soundscapes that really work on Deprivation.

Kind of a disappointing A-side on this cassette, but the B-side makes up for it with some delightfully eerie vibes. Deprivation isn’t working on a grandiose scheme with sound, so the ones that he does produce have to stand on their own; if they don’t, all the listener is left with is a repetitive beat. But when Deprivation combines layers, the sound produced is cold and menacing.


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