Ur – Clandestine Meeting Park (C60, NoVisible Scars)

Ur does their droning, gloomy thing on Clandestine Meeting Park, a single-sided C60 cassette in the oddball packaging NoVisible Scars has been producing – oversized envelope with large sheets of artwork. Ur is a group that often works with multiple instruments, crafting blending soundscapes that evoke the darkest depths of Hell, and that’s true on the two 15 minute untitled works they contribute on this tape.

The first track is a flowing jumble of guitar drones, oscillating rhythms, and percussive textures, along with what sounds like vocal samples added to the mix. The layers are plentiful, and the booming sounds often echo like they’ve been generated in a huge and empty room. The space of this track is rather vast, too, and though it’s full, it also sounds like there’s room to breathe – it’s not dense, just swirling with atmospheric vibe.

The second track is another swirling cloud, although this time much denser. The sound builds from droning guitars and squealing into shouted vocals, all yelling together in a madness that evokes hellish fury. There’s even more to it than that, with other instruments contributing to the wailing below, and there’s even a sense of synth sustain hidden somewhere within there. It works well, and it’s a little bit different from what Ur generally work with – slow oscillations and loops that drone on for minutes are not on display in “II”, and instead Ur get right down to business. They’re also using some drum beats on this track, crackling with more upbeat loops and guitar rhythms, along with churning electronics.

So on Clandestine Meeting Park, there’s some new and some old from Ur. The first half of this split showcases what Ur’s normal pattern is, while the second half gives a new flavor of the trio with some harsher, more involved sounds. It’s definitely worth checking out, since even generic Ur is almost always a pleasure to listen to.


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