Melted Cassettes – The Real Sounds From Hell Recordings (CD, Mind Flare Media)

EBM, Glitch, Music, Noise, Noisecore, Review

The duo of Melted Cassettes combine trashed synths with other noises for a decidedly rhythmic take on noise music; there’s also an emphasis on screamed, whorled vocals that pepper each track, adding their own type of unique sound to the amalgamation.

“Shining Figures” is easily the best track on The Real Sounds From Hell Recordings, a Locust-ian tune that features no distinguishable real instruments at all. Instead it churns into a rhythmic mess of downtempo glitch, as if a crusty grind band were playing with busted, fucked synths instead of guitar.

With that said, none of the other songs on this disc reach the same crescendo as “Shining Figures.” They’re still good, but they fall into the same patterns and aren’t done to as well as the that elevated track. The vocals swirl within the crunchy glitches, harping with synths and programming that are mostly catchy. “Plastic Bubble Byter” is another excellent cut, but these good ones are often frustrated by “Lor” or “Sounds From Hell Vol. 2”, which never quite click.

But The Real Sounds From Hell Recordings does end on another good note with the noisy “Xzrzrz” that differs from the other tracks with little rhythm or vocal sounds; there’s a good zippy sound to it, and it shows that Melted Cassettes don’t need to yell over their grinding music.

All told, The Real Sounds From Hell Recordings is a promising record if you’re into the sort of noise rock that The Locust or Daughters play; this time, though Melted Cassettes aren’t playing with recognizable instruments. Sometimes they don’t hit with their pseudo-dance beats, but “Shining Figures” is definitely worth a listen.

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