Peopling – Peopling EP (CD, Not On Label)

Peopling is like the little brother of Lightning Bolt; it’s a project that has a similar sense of noise rock stylings, with bass-like riffs that sink into hooks just like that other band. Yet Peopling has tried to pull away from Lightning Bolt’s adherence to music; instead, Peopling EP isn’t afraid to go from a looping rhythmic song to a track full of harsh feedback, and Peopling’s also not going to stop infusing any “songs” with a lot of noise. It makes for a very good, very short combination on this album.

Tracks like “Come Home Eccentric” and “Fiji” start out making a ruckus, but they move right into rhythmic territory with synth and guitar lines. You’ll hear licks of acoustic guitar on “Summer Such and Such”, as well as vocals that sound like they’ve been muffled through a megaphone. There’s good compositions on Peopling EP, although most of the time the songs are quite repetitive.

Then there are tracks like “Regprog”, which are noisier rhythmic loops. The aforementioned track actually features a very high-pitched feedback squeal that hurts the ears after a while. Peopling often combine both into song, and it works fairly well – a noisier take on noise rock, with more emphasis on the electronic bits than the rock itself. Still, Peopling plays the song formulas out well, even if their compositions are a little stiff.


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