Fickdichinsknie/Insomniac – Split (C20, Hair On My Food Tapes & Records)

Fickdichinsknie is a harsh noise act from Germany, Insomniac I’m not sure about. Both are harsh noise acts, with Fickdichinsknie assembling a side of very dense walls and Insomniac providing shorter, more lo-fi harsh noise with a power electronics tinge to it. It’s a short cassette, but very demanding and also quite blistering to the ears.

Side A is Fickdichinsknie (goddam is it difficult to type that name), and first up is “Paranoide Schizophrenie”. It’s a total whitewash of wall noise that changes only occasionally; the main theme for this track is keeping a stoical midrange tone throughout, and while the static might fluctuate, that pitched sound remains for much of the track, keeping the focal point intact. “Mental Clipping” does have that sort of clipping sound the title suggests, a marching beat of static that interplays with very a lot of crunch in the middle sections. It’s more rhythmic-based than the previous track, but it’s still got a good amount of harshness to it, and it also moves into sampled territory with a cool flickering effect.

On the flip side is Insomniac, and as I said before the audio is much more lo-fi, sounding as if it was recorded in an echoing basement. Lots of feedback riffs, along with vocal play and some shuddering electronics tones; it sounds like it was a lot of fun to record, although perhaps not as structured as as some noise. “Anger of the Roller Blade Man” features an awesome crumbled texture that really messes with the ears. “Skynet Vs. the Humans” is the longest track, and also the best, with a more nuanced control of the sound. Still a lot of vocal messing around, and there are times where Insomniac allows the track to fall into the same sort of noise mess that the other tracks can get caught up in, but I’d like to see more of this type of work from Insomniac instead of the free-form stuff that seems to be the bulk of his work.

It’s a good showing from Fickdichinsknie, but the jury is still out on Insomniac’s side – it’s sort of jumbled, and it feels a lot like simply messing with various electronics rather than a strict idea. Pick up if you have the spare cash for some tinnitus-inducing sounds.


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