Pregnant Spore – Amoeba-Like Identity (2xC30, Space Idea Tapes)

This double-cassette box from Space Idea Tapes compiles four tracks from Pregnant Spore, all right along the fifteen minute mark. There’s a lot of listening ahead, and Amoeba-Like Identity‘s noise all sounds as scientific as the title of the box suggests. Over sixty minutes, Pregnant Spore gives us a lot of psychedelic pulsing, from regular droning noise soundscapes to strange, burbling tape manipulations of vocal samples. It all works super well.

The first track on tape one is “Facial Stress… IN SPACE!”, which sounds a lot like a film you might have watched in science class. A nasally man talks about things (we can only assume science things), but spits and sputters, overdubs, and manipulated loops have degraded the quality of the tape to mere interrupted speech; overtop of all of this is some excellent droning rhythms, something you might hear on that science tape when the movie is trying to make things seem more interesting than they are. “Facial Stress… IN SPACE!” makes you feel like you’re back in high school watching shitty movies about ideas you’re not ready to grasp; or to sum it up, I waxed nostalgic.

“Stop Upgrading Telecoms So the FBI Can Wiretap More Easily” returns to more orthodox noise, but still there’s that feeling that we’re stuck within a vortex of fucked up samples. It’s glitchy, it’s poppy, and in between the areas where the squalls of sound blast away, there’s even a little bit of rhythm provided perhaps by the guitar. “There Is An Everlasting Flake Among Us” is very pulsating, a heady bass rhythm going for it with another vocal sample underneath. This time, the noise is more focused on pounding overtop of it, meaning that it’s really hard to hear what the man is saying, but it creates this hypnotic effect of straining to hear through the noise. Finally there’s “Ancient Closet of Disected Amoebas”, which finds Pregnant Spore working with a rhythmic loop of noise that bounds a couple times, then ends in a whirr. With this, Pregnant Spore adds different tones to the rhythm, allowing it to slide around a while, then adding some more loops that threaten to take over. While it’s not a bad track, it is probably the least entertaining of the bunch.

But all of the tracks on Amoeba-Like Identity are excellent, and very different from the common output of harsh noise. The tracks where Pregnant Spore messes with vocal samples are what really draw attention, but this release is worth it for the excellent box alone and the very orange tapes.


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