Sleep Sessions/Areyfu/Agit8 – Restrict/Suppress/Censor (CD-R, Now… This!)

I’ll come right out and say it – even though I’m not a big fan of cut-up noise, Restrict/Suppress/Censor is probably one of the best albums of that form that I’ve heard in a while. Sleep Sessions, Areyfu, and Agit8 are all in a similar realm of sampling and inducing rhythmic seizures with very harsh blasts of noise, and they all blend together effective tracks for a three-way split of some of the best cut-up noise.

Sleep Sessions is up first, and he’s working with five shorter cuts on this disc. His tracks are simply excellent, often harsh but then again rhythmically enhanced, often with sharp bursts of loops that repeat so fast they make the head spin. Sleep Sessions always deals in silence, and there are often moments where “Adroit” will cut out for short moments separating ideas.

Next up is Areyfu, who does something a little bit different with his harsh noise. In between the blasts of static, the feedback snarls, the crunchy moments of distortion, is a flowing bit of ambiance, a droning peace that characterizes the cut-up sound. It’s a little bit different from moments of simple silence, and it works well on tracks like “Closure”, where the drones create unexpected moments of pure dread. Seriously, do NOT turn up “Closure” because you think you can’t hear it – you’ll shit your pants once a heavy squeal of feedback kicks in. But the aesthetic of what Areyfu does is an interesting mix, and the moments of peace coupled with flat-out destruction create differing moods throughout the pieces.

Agit8 seems more focused on rhythmic looping than obvious cut-ups. His series of tracks “Kokoda Trails Parts 1-3” are deeply rooted in the same type of sound, often reusing a characteristic sound clip over its twenty-minute span. As a whole, Agit8’s tracks are less harsh, but the sounds run the gamut from digital stutters to reverb-laden works to even some scrap metal sounds. The length of the tracks, however, might not work as well as Sleep Sessions’ quick bursts do, however.

Retrict/Suppress/Censor is an incredible showing of cut-up noise, a very harsh blend from some of the best artists in the genre right now. Even if it doesn’t always appeal to you, the sheer intensity of this release should keep you interested. It’s a must-have.

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