Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinett/Headboggle – Gold Six (C5, Ratskin Records)

Gold Six comes on a gold-tinted cassette, obviously. But it’s a gold five minute cassette instead of six from two psychedlic noise outfits, Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinett and Headboggle both toy with the idea of linear songs, and on Gold Six their tracks are more rooted in regular song structure than noise. Still, both of these excruciatingly short offerings are messed with, screwed, and otherwise distorted to provide an aural experience that seems somewhat wrong.

Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinett does a reworking of “Crimson & Clover” titled “C & C”, which finds the artists looping the meandering sounds of the original song and adding doses of synth work and noisy sprinklings. As a cover, it takes the best elements of the original and repeats them, adding its own flavor, and despite its short length, it’s quite an enjoyable listen.

Headboggle give us some psychedelic krautrock with “In Santasound”, which is apparently an excerpt from a longer work that they have recorded. Unfortunately, this short track doesn’t really do Headboggle justice, and it’s difficult to tell just what Headboggle by listening only to this excerpt. Where “C & C” excelled because of the limited amount of time, “In Santasound” simply feels incomplete.

For the amount of music on this cassette, however, it can’t really justify the $5 price tag – you’re basically paying a dollar a minute, and though “C & C” is a clever cover, it’s not worth it for the financially thrifty.


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