Wraiths – Dust In Our Mouths (CD, Aurora Borealis)

Dust In Our Mouths is the third in a series of albums Wraiths have been releasing; before it came Oriflamme and The Great Emperor. Not hearing those, it will be difficult to comment on how much Dust In Our Mouths differs or matches with those other releases, but just looking at the others tells me that Wraiths continue their lengthy progressions on this disc; Dust In Our Mouths contains one track, the title one, which comes in at just under an hour. Throughout, there are progressions into different sonic territories, but one thing can clearly sum that up – it’s all steeped in a heavy fog.

It starts out calmly enough with some tom drum patterns echoing away with chimes and a few sweeps of windy electronics. In the background is just the hint of darkness coming, little screams of feedback howls coming out of a sonic forest. Crashes of static waves, lingering feedback squalls, and an assortment of other sounds pepper this soundscape; Wraiths often resemble some of Wolf Eyes’ longer works where they work with droning blasts of sound. Wraiths hit a lot of different areas in their track, and Dust In Our Mouths morphs from a minimalist texture to a full-on blast of waves and washes of sound.

The best part about this release, though, is how the tone stays mostly the same throughout. There are no random interruptions, but “Dust In Our Mouths” seems fluidly moving. The grandiose length simply means that Wraiths have the ability to ebb and flow, to build and climax or to only seem like that is so, without having to lose the sound they’ve created.


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