Egg Sac – Lose It (C30, Moon Mist Music)

Egg Sac – an appealingly non-descriptive name, and this C30 has the title to match with Lose It. I didn’t know anything about this foursome before hearing the tape, and with Moon Mist’s deceptive packaging – the tape comes on a Dinah Shore album – it’s difficult to tell what you’re getting into.

What Egg Sac play is a brand of lo-fi free jazz/drone, a very noisy raucous affair with sax, drums, and other instruments that can’t be heard too well over the distorted myriad noises that resonate on the tape. Side A starts off with some low-down music and speech that’s difficult to hear; one thinks at first it must be some sort of dubbing mistake, until the band takes off into a side-long slurry of different improvisations. Side B is much of the same, often rumbly bass distortions and sax wailings while the drums do their thing and electronics shit all over any type of rhythm Egg Sac might have had.

It’s hard to review this kind of thing, because you either like it or you don’t. These are psych freakouts, building into crumbles of lo-fi noise using all sorts of “classical” instruments. It helps that the recording sounds crunchy already, giving it that extra bit of windy sound that causes everything to sound like it’s being played through thick slabs of mud. It also covers up a lot of the actual instrumentation on this release, making it hard to hear if the dudes in this band can actually play or if they’re just doing a lot of rambling.

But Lose It is a thick mix of electronics and jazzy noise, and the moments where Egg Sac completely lose it within their own improv pieces are great for zoning out and listening to how degraded these instruments can become. It’s loud and wild, and fairly unpredictable at times, so it’s definitely worth a listen.


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