Ruine – Des Araignées Cherchant Mon Coeur (CD-R, Not On Label)

Ruine is an ambient noise wall/harsh noise wall project from Ghost member and Slow Death Records label owner Julien Skrobek. Des Araignées Cherchant Mon Coeur is one lengthy wall at exactly 40 minutes, not quite the same magnitude as his Ghost work but hinting at the same types of textured walls.

On this disc, Ruine works with white-washed static walls, very cleansed sounds that feature a significant rumble in the background with slightly airy bits of searing static in the forefront. There are pops and sizzles in the static that carry the wall, and at all times it seems like Ruine is both continually shifting the wall and keeping it stationary at the same time. The pops and fizzles never seem the same, and yet there is that idea that the wall isn’t really moving at all. It keeps things fresh for the forty minutes, and even though there’s nothing too harsh about this release, it’s still a very up-front listen because of the static crush.

Ruine does the wall stuff very well, and this lengthy track is an excellent example of how well noise can seem to shift patterns while still staying the same. I honestly can’t say whether there are any changes to the wall; it’s both stationary and always changing, making each minute one worthy of close listens.


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