Disleksick/Humanextermination Project – Split (C30, Hair On My Food Tapes & Records)

On this cassette we’ve a got a side of noisecore and a side of I’m-not-sure-core. Disleksick plays a familiar type of shitgrind in the same stylings of other releases from Hair On My Food, while Humanextermination Project gives a side-long track of heavy repetition of sound samples. If you don’t like your noise annoying, you won’t like this tape at all, so let’s get that right out of the way.

Disleksick start things off with “No Melody/No Talent”. Neither of those attributions are quite true; the track does have a few places where noisy melodies do take shape, and they’re actually quite good when they appear. They also seem to have some talent, or at least stamina – it takes a lot of fucking energy to sound this angry, pissed, or drunk. Whatever the case, this lengthy track is split into areas where there’s a lot of blast-beating, then some lulls with guitar feedback galore leading into new areas of “song”, while the vocalist tends to exert a lot of moans and dying sounds over the instrumentals. It all sounds like a blast to watch and listen to live, even if the track does get a little sloppier than even normal noisecore towards the end.

On side B we have Humanextermination Project with “Untitled”. It’s a side-long track of audio torture. There’s lots of hiss, some rumble in the background, and a very repetitive loop of two vocal clips, both of which get pretty fucking annoying during the 15 minutes. Besides the crumbles and the musique concrete background sounds, which don’t sound like much simply because the vocal samples are so loud above the noise, there’s not a whole lot to like about what Humanextermination Project does, and I found it more annoying and a slightly lazy composition.

Though the Disleksick side of the split is pretty good, I’m not sure how often I will return to this cassette, simply because of the chore of having to sit through HEP’s side – I’ll probably play Disleksick, rewind that side, and start again. If I wanted to hear what Humanextermination Project offers on here, I’d find the vocal samples and a fan and put them on loop. Then again, I’ve never felt that urge to begin with.


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